Work Can Wait

Election Day

is the most important day in American democracy.

Election Day may not be a national holiday yet, but we can choose to act like it is.

Free The Vote calls on companies to give their workforce time to vote on November 6th, 2018.

How To Participate


Give a full day off to vote

Better for salaried employees


Give up to 3 paid hours to vote

Better for hourly employees

Why is it important?

A survey taken in 2014 found that over one-third of people who didn't vote didn't because work and school scheduling made it too difficult.

Making Election Day a holiday or moving it to the weekend would get rid of this democratic roadblock. Our hope is that getting companies to participate voluntarily will remind the country that voting isn't a privilege—it's a right.

So check out WhyTuesday.org for information on how Election Day became so inconvenient. Contact your representative and ask them to support the Democracy Day bill.

And make sure you're registered to vote. See you at the polls!

Is your company participating?

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